Another World

by Maxthor

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released July 21, 2016

All music, vocals and lyrics by Maxthor

Mastered by Martín Ballesta at Last Punch Mastering

Cover design by Cynthia Nudel




all rights reserved


Maxthor Spain

With his electric guitar licks, pulsating drum patterns and vibrant synths, Maxthor is a purely electronic version of disco, where a spacy futuristic atmosphere and retro-nostalgia aesthetics are part of the appeal. Captivating rises, irresistible beats, dynamic vocal stylings – each song is a jewel straight from the 80’s and Maxthor is here to bring back those sounds. ... more

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Track Name: Another World
I can hear their call on the loneliest days
But the real life seems so far away
I've learnt not to trust your electric kiss
You won't drag me down, won't be part of this

Every struggle is in vain
They've carved my name in stone
Everything's turning around
I swear that I won't take this anymore
There's another world beyond

Waiting for the light of a sun that never comes
I know I can't stay but there's nowhere else to run
There's another world beyond

I can feel my mind is still awake
I am like a storm that's about to break
What's behind the veil of reality?
A dark secret burns deep inside of me
Track Name: Don't Fear the Sun
Sometimes I feel the end’s coming closer
Sometimes I feel this black hole inside
Sometimes I leave and you take me wrong
Sometimes you find the place where I hide

Walk away
Take the blow
Turn around and say it was my fault

Don’t fear the sun
Been here forever
Don’t fear the sun
You’ll get to know
Don’t fear the sun
Been here forever
Don’t fear the sun
And let me go

Sometimes I dream the nightmare is over
Sometimes I see there’s blood in your eyes
Sometimes I stay and you take me wrong
Sometimes you heal my heart with your lies
Track Name: Howlings in the Night
We've been hidden in the shadows
Waiting for the moon to rise
We keep running away from the morning light
We've been living in the darkness
Watching you from the other side
We will never give up, we're not afraid to die

Sun is drowning in the horizon
Thirst is raging through my eyes
A deep silence starts to grow and fills the sky
Like a snake among the flowers
Looking for a chance to bite
There's a black hole in your heart you can't defy
Howlings in the night

We've been trapped inside your nightmares
We're the voices in your head
When you stare at your soul
your vision's tainted red
We've been wandering a wasteland
since the beginning of time
We will never forget
Can't leave the pain behind
Track Name: Set Your Wheels On Fire
I can hear a thunder running through my head
I can feel my heartbeats getting higher

I can hear a thunder running through my head
I can feel my heartbeats getting higher
Every face is fading, now I'm on my own
I can't fight against this desire

I feel a freedom that I haven't felt before
And this is all I'll ever need to know

Ride the wind and set your wheels on fire
Nothing to show, nowhere to go
Ride the wind and set your wheels on fire
Nothing to show, nowhere to go

I can hear a lion breathing by my side
Every failure fills me with power
I can feel the euphoria flowing through my veins
All we ever wanted is ours
Track Name: Telepathic Love
Inside this crystal grave
we head into the unknown
I stare into your eyes
but they froze long ago

Will I ever get through this hopeless night?
I'm dying to touch you, I feel so alone
(Feel so alone)
I can see you standing behind the glass
Fading like a ghost

How I wish to cross the void and be in your arms
All what's left is telepathic love
How I wish to break the silence that binds us
All what's left is telepathic love

The memories I have
are melting like snow
We live in our minds
cause where else could we go?
Track Name: Heroes Walk Alone
We're born to love, we're born to hate
We hold the pieces of a dream
There's a dark flame inside my eyes
A thousand snakes under my skin
I'm not afraid of getting hurt
I've learnt to lose, I've learnt to win
A bitter poison fills my heart
My journey to the stars begins

I cross the edge of time
No matter where I go
I'm looking for a place
to bury all your words

You came to me from beyond
You trusted me, now you're gone
Heroes walk alone

We're dead inside, we're still alive
I'm just a beast out of the sea
A final dusk engulfs the sun
And every nightmare is set free
I couldn't hide from your stare
I tried to stay, I tried to leave
You fuel the fire on my wings
I kill the demons inside me
Track Name: It's Time to Go
All what you find in this dimension isn't true
You're sick of staying in the same place, I'm leaving too
I feel this madness that surrounds us it's a lie
We have been trying to discover the reason why

I will bring back the fire
I'll walk through the storm
Let's escape together
Find the way back home
It's time to go

I won't give up but I don't know what else to do
There should be a way out for the sorrow inside of you
Sometimes I'm lost and all I can see is your light
Somehow I know that this will not be my last goodbye
Track Name: Hunters
I have come this far because of you
I'm forgetting all the things that I once knew
My life disappears before my eyes
You were like a demon in disguise

Running away
Waiting my time
Healing the wounds that keep me fighting
Losing my head
Trapped in your lies
Caught in a strange world where no one survives

Won't give up till the game is over
Now I run from the hunters once again
It won't stop till the truth's uncovered
Now I run from the hunters once again

Don't mind if it's dark and cold outside
I'll go where your heart and mine collide
There's a red light ring around the moon
Cause their blood will fall through my hands soon
Track Name: Here
In the heart of the sun
I feel their presence everywhere
I know they're coming and
There is a chance for me
There is a chance for you
From a time far beyond
Their shadows dancing in my eyes
Don't try to run away
There's no escape for me
There's no escape for you

Out in the nothingness
We won't look back there anymore
(The nameless stars will set us free)
Out in a distant world
This is what I've been hoping for
(The wait is over, they are here)

The flames breaking the sky
I'm blinded by the light
And now they are here
(The wait is over, they are here)
I'll leave the past behind
Black oceans in my mind
And now they are here

In the dead of the night
Can hear them calling and they say
Our end is coming but
There's a way out for me
There's a way out for you
From a place far beyond
Their voices hidden in the air
What makes us want to stay?
No future left for me
No future left for you